Originally hailing from Lithuania, I came to uk at the very tender age of 9. Having spent my first hour in London stuck on the train on the Picacadilly line, looking out of the window I though whooah what a sooty, impenetrably dark, subterranean city London is. Certainly not at all how I imagined it.

Growing up in London I quickly discovered (as we all do?) books (sci-fi), music and photography. These things shaped my young, impressionable mind terribly, and to this day I can’t do without either. I also discovered the internet. Of the dial-up kind. That was a lot of fun (msn messenger anyone?).

I then went to art school and studied photography. This opened up my mind to many a French thinker and I learned many interesting a topic, including semiotics, structuralism and post-structuralism. I also spent a lot of time in the darkroom, meticulously mixing up chemicals and developing film and prints by hand (most definitely the happiest moments of my life!).

I now live in Brighton by the sea and collect vintage National Geographics (1950-1970s was my favourite period!). I dream of one day owning a cat, but alas, as I am wildly allergic, I’ve learned to cope with a good dose of live internet kitten streams. And when not photographing weddings I still occasionally like to read the philosophical ramblings of some French dudes. And I like a good flea market/car boot sale. And a nature stroll. And good food of course.